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Luxury residential vacation home inspired by the interests and passions of the client, Danielle Bernstein.

Danielle Bernstein X kravet inc.

Issue Addressed:

In the world of social media, the hierarchy of the most successful influencers have been made visually clear. Instead of not acknowledging those who have worked tirelessly to reach their goals, these spaces celebrates the success.


To celebrate the riches and success of a creator who believes in a life of all work with little play. By creating spaces that reflect her interests and "girl boss" attitude, the interior becomes a palace in which Danielle can claim her well-deserved seat on her throne.


As a fashion blogger and business owner inspired by all trends, Danielle formed into a style chameleon who is able to attract the attention of many people around the world. Her ability to be a forward thinker who is always looking ahead towards the next move deserves her the name of Her Royal Highness. The client has hustled throughout her career and helped create the job title of a "social media influencer" for many people around the world.

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