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Commercial workplace designed for the employees of the home decor company St. Frank.

Issue Addressed:

It is natural for people of different backgrounds, cultures, or religion to separate into groups of people who believe in the same beliefs as they do. The goal of this workplace is to bring everyone together and to celebrate each other's differences and in turn learn about different cultures to then inspire creativity.


To create spaces that all the employees can come together for meetings, or to take a minute to collect themselves from working long hours. These spaces are in the middle of each section of the building, so it is accessible for all the employees to gather.


From the St. Frank website, the image of fruits and bread represent "the fruits of one's labor." The pomegranate and its pit with many paths leading to different sections of seeds is used as the inspiration for the floor plan. In each section of the building there will be a space in the middle that collects and brings everyone from different backgrounds, cultures, or religions to come together and enjoy working in a creative and comfortable environment.


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