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A fast casual restaurant designed as the Savannah, Georgia location for Chad Robertson's chain to Tartine.

Issue Addressed:

As a diverse city with people of different ages and needs, it can be difficult to suit each need of every customer. This fast casual restaurant is focused on the needs and comfort of the different types of people in Savannah. The goal of this restaurant is to bring people together and to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy the present moment.


To create comfortable spaces that each customer feels welcomed to enjoy their meal. These spaces are suited to the needs of each user whether they are coming with a large group or by themselves. There are various spaces to sit for a longer period of time and to-go services to fit the need of those who are stopping by on the way from work or school.


The concept of this project was based off a chosen architecture, ethos, and muse. The inspiration for this project was based on the client's hobby, surfing. Bright colors and bold architecture were the focus for the design of the project.

Architecture - The Lesli Hotel on Miami beach because of its ability to stand out in a busy location because of its bold colors and art deco style.

Ethos - The saying an "Afternoon Surf" when the waves are high, everyone is running to the water and excitement is in the air. Just like this moment, these spaces are meant to make people feel excited, curious, and have fun within the environment.

Muse - Justina Blakeney is known for her use of bold colors, layering, and talent for making spaces pop. These qualities were the inspiration for not only the color scheme but also the overall message of finding the perfect balance between too much and just enough. 

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